/Five Best RPG Mobile Games

Five Best RPG Mobile Games

ROG Phone

Smartphones and tablets have completely transformed the gaming industry. Titles that would have been high-performance games for previous consoles are now available on handheld devices. Nowhere is this more obvious than the RPG genre. The hundreds of mobile RPGs available today can make it hard for even seasoned gamers to pick which ones to install. We thought we would throw our hat in the ring and recommend 5 mobile RPGs that are worth your time.


This third-person action adventure game puts you in the shoes of Horn, a young blacksmith’s apprentice who wakes up to find that the townspeople have been replaced by monsters that he has to now defeat. While Horn is certainly not the best looking RPG, its captivating story is told with smooth graphics. Most importantly, it features a unique gameplay system that proves how intuitive and immersive touchscreen gaming can be.

Sword & Glory

You are a clan warrior in a snow-filled, Viking-based, semi open-world in search of riches and glory. Sword & Glory gives this classic fantasy angle a makeover via a gorgeously stylized minimalist art style which perfectly complements its unique fight dynamics. Glory is attained mainly through battles, and the battles are won by mastering a side-scrolling rock-paper-scissors style combat system that relies on your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Final Fantasy IX

This is arguably the single greatest mobile port of any classic JRPG game. Apart from being a truly iconic game for nostalgia seekers, Final Fantasy IX doubles as an interactive explanation for the latest generation of gamers on why the world of role-playing is obsessed with fantastical Japanese themes. Not only is it one of the most beloved games in the entire series, but it might also be the best one to be ported to mobile devices.

The influence of the Final Fantasy series cannot be understated as it was the entry point for many gamers into the Japanese gaming industry. Such is the popularity of the series that there was a dedicated art exhibition this year titled Final Fantasy and the World of Yoshitaka Amano, which featured art from as far back as 1987. Today the Japanese gaming industry continues to thrive and build upon the legacy of the Final Fantasy series, with the country’s mobile gaming market the largest in the world. This is reflected in how most gaming companies have embraced Japanese culture in their catalogue of games.

The Japanese game Sakura Fortune on Asian gaming outlet Expatbets is an online mobile title that features elements of Japanese heritage, like the lone warrior, which is prominent in RPG titles from the country. These are just some of the many cultural marks left by this iconic series. And with Final Fantasy XI for the mobile introducing the series to new audiences, it’s bound to create even more fans in the entertainment industry.

Knights Chronicle

Why include this simple turn-based RPG that’s not even a year old? While it’s true that the Knights Chronicle didn’t revolutionize any aspect of the Gacha or Hero Collector genre of RPGs, the game executes nearly every essential element of the genre in exquisite fashion. Whether it’s fantastic graphics, efficient turn-based combat systems, hero/class variety, fun progression, or massively multiplayer gameplay, this game takes it to the next level. Blue Moon Game reports on how its frequent and exciting updates also add to how playable Knights Chronicle can be. In short, it didn’t really reinvent the Gacha wheel – just fine-tuned it enough for even non-fans of the genre to enjoy it.

Void Pyramid

Classic rogue-like gameplay and graphics meet ancient Egyptian-inspired aliens in Void Pyramid. Conceptually, this game takes rogue-like dungeon crawling to the next level as it offers all the classic gaming elements of the genre, but in a fantastically alien story and landscape. Void Pyramid redefines pixelated, retrofuturistic high fantasy.