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Ideal Properties of Resistance Bands for Legs

Resistance Bands: They are made up of high quality elastic material and can be in the form of sheets and bands. These bands can be attached handles or form loop to have a good grip. The high quality band does not lose its elasticity even after long period of time.

Composition of Resistance Bands:

The rubber band is manufactured in food grade factories. The liquid latex rubber is placed into the mold as tube or sheet and allowed to harden. The appropriate color is added to define the level of resistance. Natural latex is obtained from rubber trees and synthetic latex from petroleum oil.

Resistance Bands for legs:

The resistance bandsworks against the elasticity of the resistance bands. As you increase the force to stretch the bands, the resistance from the band increases further and helps in toning body and building muscles

Resistance Bands For Legs

The resistance bands come with 5 different levels of tension to help beginners start the exercise and then gradually increasing the tension by changing the resistance band.

Resistance Bands For Legs can be used instead of lifting weight as the effect exerted by both is the same, increase strength and build muscle.

Resistance bands can be attached to pulleys and working with these bands has the same effect as moving weight. Even NASA scientist has used the principle of Resistance Bands for maintaining strength in space.

Different Colors of resistance Bands:

Resistance bands are given different colors based on the tension levels from extra light to extra heavy. The same color pattern is followed by most manufacturers to allow for easy identification by the people.

Yellow Resistance Band:This band provides the least resistance of all the available bands. It helps in working out of small muscles.

Green and Red Resistance Band:These bandsprovidemedium resistance.

Dark BlueResistance Band:heavy resistance bands can be used for toning of large muscles.

Purple, Black & Silver Resistance Band: They provide the highest degree of resistance and helps in building muscle mass.


    It is used by fitness experts and sports person
    Physical therapist also make use of resistance bands
    It can be used by women post-pregnancy to get back into the shape
    It is also used by people after injuries or accident for rehabilitation. It is particularly useful in people with injuries of leg, knee and back injuries
    It helps in strengthening, stabilizing and toning of muscles

Ideal properties of resistance band for legs:

    Bands should be lightweight
    The material should not corrode with time and should be durable
    Compact design
    It is easy to use
    Can be used for a number of exercises
    Can come with handles or loops
    Allow good grip