/This Diwali gift your kids online safety with parental control

This Diwali gift your kids online safety with parental control

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Diwali holidays are just round the corner and your kids might have already received their holiday assignments. But, the kids are more excited about the fact that they will now have ample time to browse on the internet.

While you want your kids to really enjoy the holidays, there’s a thought constantly nagging at the back of your mind, “How will I keep my kids away from the internet all day?

Sounds like a familiar situation doesn’t it??

Well, in this era of digital evolution where, every second a new technology is getting replaced by another enticing technology, it can be a challenge to keep your kids away from the internet. This constant and unmonitored access of kids to internet can also expose them to the dangers of cyber bullying, stalking, etc. Thus, it becomes imperative for parents to monitor their child’s access and activities on the internet and make them aware of safe web practices.

How can we implement parental control?

It may come as bit of a harsh rule on your kids, if you completely stop them from accessing internet. A better option instead would be to install a security software like Quick Heal Total Security or Quick Heal Internet Security, which comes with “Parental Control” feature.

How does parental control feature work?

The parental control feature comes with a range of benefits that can help parents make online experience safe for their kids:

Website Blocking

You can choose to block your kid’s access to a particular website, simply by adding its URL to the list of already blocked websites. Not only this, you can also block their access to subdomains. For instance: If you wish to block access to “yahoo.com” and its subdomains, then every single URL containing yahoo.com will automatically get blocked.


 Internet Access Scheduler

Parents are often concerned about kids not using their time constructively and whiling away their time on the internet. This Parental Control tool can help your kids from becoming internet addicts, by allowing you to schedule their internet access time.

So, now you can not only schedule the days on which your kids can access internet but also decide the duration they can spend browsing the internet. This tool can especially prove handy to keep a check on your kids during exam times.


Category Blocking

The parental control feature not just allows you to block inappropriate websites but also inappropriate categories of content, even if you are unaware of the URL. So, for instance, you wish to restrict your child from accessing adult or social content, then all websites containing adult or social content will automatically get blocked. There is also an option for “Exclude” list that allows you to add exceptions to your restriction, so that particular URLS can still be accessed even if you block the category.


Malicious Category Blocking

Often times, kids are unaware of the threats they can get exposed to, by downloading a malicious content or email attachment. As a responsible and alert parent, you can restrict access to malicious content and cut down on threats, simply by denying access to categories like “Hacking Software”, “Spam Websites”, etc.

Blocking All/Specific User

This feature is especially beneficial if you have multiple user accounts set up on your computer. You can choose to have different parental control settings for each of your kids depending upon their age, interest and requirements.

In short, Parental Control feature can make the online experience absolutely safe for your kids and also assist them with safe web practices.

So, this festive season, gift safety to your little ones by buying and activating a Quick Heal Total Security or Quick Heal Internet Security pack and save yourself from sleepless nights!!

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